Nolan Meats

Nolan Meats

Nolan Meats is a 100% Australian family-owned business in Gympie producing quality grain fed beef for retailers, further processors, wholesalers and international markets.  The business operations involve everything from breeding to feed lotting, processing, distribution and wholesaling. The processing plant is export accredited and has the capabilities to process over 2,500 cattle per week.

Beef products from the abattoir are distributed around Australia and exports overseas to Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, Africa, Taiwan, USA and other markets. The feedlot operation turns over 100,000 head per annum and supplies over 80% of cattle processed through the abattoir, the remaining cattle being purchased over the hooks or service processed.

Nolan Meats contacted ABC for an adhesive analysis as they were facing a difficulty with lids popping open in the packaging freezer.

This resulted in labour wasting time to continually check the quality of packaging and also remove incorrect packages which caused machines to run slower. In addition to this, they were also experiencing nozzle blockages due to charhed adhesive.

After ABC conducted the analysis, a  was implemented which lowered adhesive consumption by 30% from 10 grams to 6.2 grams and decreased costs by over 33% p/a. 

What’s more, Nolan meats was able to increase packaging efficiency and also remove the need for staff resources to continually watch the packaging process. This reduced the need for technical servicing, saving Nolan meats, thousands of dollars in revenue that would otherwise have been lost.

What started as a simple adhesive analysis has turned into a 3 year relationship between ABC Adhesives and Nolan Meats.


Nolan Meats

“Our relationship with ABC Adhesives is crucial to our business. Since working with Chris and the team we have been able to reduce our adhesive costs dramatically, whilst also being able to increase our efficiency in our packaging process”

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