Stanbroke Beef

Stanbroke Beef

A family owned integrated Australian beef and cattle company based in northern Queensland, Stanbroke’s operations span the entire production process from breeding and cattle selection programs, the vast cattle stations and backgrounding properties to finishing and processing facilities.

Stanbroke owns 8 cattle stations and has 200,000 head of cattle which graze on prime agricultural land which is free of contaminants and interference from human intervention.

The company has a global presence and reach, with products marketed to regions including South-East Asia, China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, the United States. .

Stanbroke invited ABC Adhesives to conduct an Adhesive Analysis as they were facing several challenges with their packaging. TResults of the analysis revealed many issues due to which Standbroke had to run machines slower to get cartons to bond. This made hold over times very long causing massive operational delays and a spike in costs. 


What’s more, this was resulting in a 20 – 25% failure rate on their frozen lidder and had to redo cartons or risk bad presentation to customers.


ABC recommended using Superior Melt and were able to increase production speed by upto 300% and reduce adhesive consumption by 37% resulting in a large saving every month.


Stanbroke Beef

“Chis and the team at ABC Adhesives have delivered on everything they have said. We were having major issues with our cartons not bonding and lids not closing and after the initial analysis they were able to recommend a solution that has allowed us to increase the speed of our packaging machine and reduce the amount of adhesive we use”
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With over 21 years of experience, we have a wealth of industry knowledge
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